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District 34 Sports Committee (Tri-State Trax) Rule Book

 Supplemental Rule Book for Standard (Novice – Amateur – Expert) Youth – Women – Quad Racing

Welcome to District 34 Sports Committee also known as Tri-State Trax. It is a requirement for all sports committee members to read all rules provided before entering competition

Table of Contents
Section 1: Notice to Contestants and Spectators
Section 2: General Administrations
Section 3: Rider Applications
Section 4: Mandatory Clothing Regulations
Section 5: Machine Regulations
Section 6: Numbers & Plates
Section 7: Classes
Section 8: Scoring & Points
Section 9: General Class Rules
Section 10: Flags
Section 11: General Rider Offenses & Penalties
Section 12: Safety Regulations
Section 13: Sports Committee Members & Tracks


Section 1: Notice to all Contestants and Spectators

You have voluntarily entered an Amateur Motocross competition event. The District 34 Sports Committee records all points earned by contestants. It does not inspect or monitor the track and/or meet, nor does it indicate that the officials have been trained or accredited by the District 34 Sports Committee, nor does it indicate that your safety has been assured by any District 34 Sports Committee authority or the promoter.

Motor sports are inherently dangerous. You should take part in this competition based on your own assessment of your abilities. If you have not personally inspected the course, we urge you to do so. You have been provided an opportunity to practice under noncompetitive conditions. If you have not practiced, we urge you to contact the referee at this time. You are responsible for the quality and condition of your motorcycle or ATV and protective apparel.

The promoter does not provide medical insurance coverage. We urge you not to compete in motor sports without adequate personal medical insurance coverage. If you have any doubts at this time about your personal abilities to participate in this event, if you have not adequately prepared yourself and your equipment or if you believe your personal insurance coverage are not adequate to compensated you for any loss that might occur, we urge you to notify the promoter who will immediately refund your entry fee.

The District 34 Sports Committee (D34SC) Supplemental Rule Book and Regulations that are provided within this book will govern all D34SC events. Riders not adhering to the guidelines will be subject to reprimand and/or suspension from the D34SC.

The promoting organizations reserve the right to restrict admission onto the premises or participation of an event to any individual(s) for any reason to insure the safety and well being of the contestants, spectators and patrons as necessary.

Address all correspondence to:

District 34 Sports Committee


Section 2: General Administration for Tracks/Riders/Spectators

Attention: Insurance companies may require that all persons entering onto the premises be required to sign a Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement Form.

General Admission for riders and spectators shall be left to the discretion of the promoting organization.

Use of the race tracks other than on race day is determined by the promoting organization and their prospective members or promoter. Violators will be subject to disciplinary action by the Promoting Organization, the D34SC, and may also face action from the local authorities.

Participants are solely responsible for the condition of their vehicles and their competence to operate them.

No alcoholic beverages or narcotics may be brought onto the premises or may be taken by any contestant or spectator.

Medical Insurance is the responsibility of each rider.

All participants – regardless of age – are responsible for the spectators that are with them at each event. At the track’s discretion, a rider may be disqualified from competition or ask to leave the premises for any disregard of the rules not adhered to on the event day due to his or her spectator.


Section 3: Rider Application

Riders must have a current D34SC Card or other Recognized Sports Committee/race series card which must be presented at each event at sign up.

Only D34SC holders will receive D34SC Championship and Sign Up Points.

All Novice and Amateur riders will receive points toward advancement and be advanced regardless of their recognized sports committee but only D34SC card holders will receive D34SC awards and points.

D34SC cards expire on December 31st of each year. In order to keep your current number, applications must be received on or before the annual banquet of each new season.

Application for a D34SC card shall be made on the form provided by the D34SC paid for by cash, certified check, money order, or personal checks.

A Birth Certificate or Drivers license is required with all applications. Only 1 is necessary if renewal and proof of age is on file with registrar.

Applications may be downloaded from the D34SC website or may be obtained at each scheduled event.

Fees for sports committee cards are as follows:
$30.00 for a membership card
$5.00 for replacement card

Riders under 18 years of age must have their application notarized from Parent or Legal Guardian. Parent or Legal Guardian may withdraw permission at any time by returning to the D34SC by registered mail, the card issued to said minor and notification of the withdrawal of such application by registered mail.

Minimum age for application is 4 years old.

A Parent or Legal Guardian may transfer authorization of legal guardianship only if a Minor Release form and Medical Release form are signed, dated and notarized and then presented at event at sign up before practice.

Parent or Legal Guardian or authorized adult must remain present at all times during participation of the minor for which they are responsible. No exceptions.

A Riders number will be issued upon completion of application after payment received.

When applying for application, the rider is solely responsible for signing up with correct rider information including birthday and correct riding classification.


Section 4: Mandatory Clothing Regulations

Mandatory for All Riders:

Full coverage Helmets – Certified by manufacturer with sticker affixed stating it meets or exceeds approved certifications. No “shorty” helmets permitted.

Boots – Minimum 8″ high

Goggles – For protecting the eyes

Long-Sleeved Jersey – Arms must be covered with material

Long Pants – Must be of durable material


Chest Protector – May be worn in or outside jersey

Highly Recommended Equipment:
Neck Brace
Elbow Guards
Knee Pads
Shin Guards
Kidney Belt

Clothing must be tight fitting. Rider may be disqualified if wearing any loose and flowing clothing that is obstructive or hazardous to him/her self or other race participants.

Issued number on back of Jersey or Chest protector is highly recommended.


Section 5: Machine Regulations

Engine fuel must consist of gasoline, defined as petroleum. Fuel additives for lubrication, knock suppression or octane improvements will be permitted. Use of anything other than petroleum fuel is prohibited. Penalty for violation of this rule shall be an indefinite suspension.

All Tail lights, license plates, stands, seat rails etc must be removed. Head lights must be removed from all bikes. It is highly recommended that Headlights be removed from ATV machines but may be taped and caged.

Exhaust pipes must not be pointed down in a position that they stir dust.

All machines must be equipped with adequate operating front and rear wheel brakes.

Folding foot pegs must be used and cannot extend more than four inches beyond the cases. They must fold up and back at 45degrees.

Brake and clutch levers must be equipped with ball ends.

Mufflers are required on all machines. Noise level must not exceed 99 DBA measured at 0.5meters (20inches) from the end of the exhaust system. For testing, the noise meter is to be held at 45degrees from the direction of the exhaust outlet, with the throttle steady and the engine running at 50% of its red line RPM. The exhaust system cannot extend more than ten inches to the side of the centerline of the motorcycle.

All Bikes must have an operating self-closing throttle and operative kill button or compression release

All ATVs must have tether operating kill switch.

All ATVs must have Nerf Bars.


Section 6: Numbers & Plates

D34SC cards expire on December 31st.  In order to keep your current number, applications must be received on or before the annual banquet of the new season.

Riders will be issued a number by the D34SC Registrar upon completion of an application.

That number must be worn by all riders at all events as per the following:

All Riders:

Experts: White background w/Black numbers
Amateurs: Yellow background w/Black numbers
Novices: Black background w/White numbers
Youth: White background w/Black numbers

Approved number plates and assigned number must be used at all D34SC events

Bikes – Must have a total of 4 of the same numbers at all racing events. Three Number Plates on machine and One Number on riders back.

ATVs – Must have a total of 5 of the same numbers at all racing events. 1 – Grab Bar Plate with issued number and designated color on back of machine. 2 – Number on riders back. 3 – Number on front of the machine (may be on a number plate but plate must be 6inches below cross bar). 4&5 – numbers on both side fenders (designated colors are not required on sides & a contrasting color must be used on machine).

All Numbers must fit plates (5-7″ tall), be block lettering and be legible for scorekeeping purposes.


Section 7: Bike & Quad Classes

See Classes Page on website


Section 8: Scoring & Points

All District 34 Sports Committee Motocross Races will be D34SC Championship Point Events.

There will be one Championship Series for the season.

All Classes listed on this site and run at all participating tracks will receive 1st – 10th place awards per class at a year-end Awards Banquet.  Riders must race at least 14 of the series races to be eligible for a 1st Place Championship Helmet.  Riders are not eligible to win more than one Championship Helmet; they will receive a trophy for their other class(es).  Riders must race at least 7 of races to be eligible for a year-end trophy.

Three rider “applicants” will constitute a D34SC Point Class. Note that “applicants” are the riders who are signed up to ride the class and should not be confused with the number of riders who actually shows up at the gate ready to race. All D34SC classes require this 3-rider “applicant” minimum. There are no exceptions.

All rider members who Sign Up for a class regardless of finish will be awarded 2 sign up points if they paid for their class for entire day. Any rider who received their money back at anytime during a racing event is not entitled to sign up points

Less than 3 rider applicants constitutes a class but will only be awarded Track High Points if applicable, not Championship Points.

Quad Plus 25&30&40 – When these classes are not available as separate district classes at tracks on championship points days, a rider may choose which class he/she would like their district points to be applied when entering the Vet class that is offered.


Section 9: General Class Rules

All participating contestants may run a maximum of 4 classes per the day’s events.

A Youth rider’s age on January 1st will determine his or her age for the year.

Standard, Quad and Women riders ages are determined by their birth date on the day of the event.

All Riders must meet age and machine requirements when entering a class. There will be no exceptions.

A rider may choose to move up to the next level, class or age group if he or she decides to do so during the year but when moving to the next level, class or age group, the rider must meet all requirements of the class he or she is entering. Once a rider has moved up in level, class or age group he or she may not move back down to a lower level, class or age group. There will be no exceptions.

Any rider entering a class that he or she is not eligible for may be disqualified for the day, under reprimand from the D34SC and/or have season championship points deleted for the day and/or season.

A rider cannot enter classes in which he or she is two different ages in one event day.

Riders returning to competition after an absence of one year or more cannot assume to ride in a lower classification. A rider must petition the D34SC for an evaluation and determination of his or her skill level.

A Rider is solely responsible for himself or herself when signing up in the wrong class.

Riders between the ages of 12 and 15 at the Amateur “B” level cannot be forced to advance to the Expert “A” level until January 1st following their 15th birthday. Riders may advance based on their ability and competence after their Parent or Legal Guardian has filed a notarized Release Form with the D34SC.

Quad Plus 25&30&35 – When these classes are not available as separate district classes at track on championship points day and a rider may choose which class he/she would like their district points to be applied when entering the Vet class that is offered.


Section 10: Flags

Yellow – “Caution” NO JUMPING OR PASSING OR AGGRESSIVE RIDING WITH NO EXCEPTIONS! Riders not abiding by this rule will be dropped a lap or disqualified from moto or race at referees discretion.

White with Red Cross – “Ambulance needed” Proceed as Yellow Flag

Blue – You are a Lapped rider and need to move over for the first place riders to get by.

Red – “Restart” All riders will proceed to the starting line cautiously

Black – “Disqualification” Rider must exit to finish line shoot immediately

White: 1 lap to go

Black & White Check – “Finish” Riders must exit after finish line

Rolled Black & White Check:
When the two flags crossed – Riders are at halfway point of racing laps
When held parallel – Riders have 2 laps to go


Section 11: General Rider Offenses & Penalties

This section outlines actions which are deemed to be detrimental to the motocross sport and which may result in a range of disciplinary actions.

Unless otherwise specifically provided for in these rules, the referee may disqualify any rider, crew member or family member from a race meet for violation of these rules, insubordination or other actions deemed in the sole discretion of the referee to be detrimental to the race meet and the sport. Such disqualification includes the loss of any rights with regard to the event in question and may result in expulsion from the meet site. In addition, the referee is empowered to levy fines of up to $50.00 and to recommend to the D34SC that further disciplinary actions be taken. The referee may also disallow use of motocross machine determined by the referee to be illegal under these rules.

Unless otherwise specifically provided for in these rules, D34SC is empowered to suspend any rider, crew member or family member for a period of 15 days to indefinite suspension for violation of these rules, insubordination or other actions deemed, in the sole discretion of the D34SC, to be detrimental to the sport. The beginning and ending dates of any such suspension will be determined by the D34SC.

The following offenses are subject but not limited to disciplinary action by the referee and/or the D34SC. This list is provided as guidance to competitors but does not restrict the D34SC from invoking penalties for other actions detrimental to the sport that are not specifically contemplated herein.

1 – Falsifying or misrepresenting one’s name, age or ability level
2 – Practicing without officially signing up
3 – Competing or attempting to compete under false pretenses
4 – Failing to attend mandatory rider meetings
5 – Riding in such a manner as to endanger life or limb of others
6 – Failing to immediately responding to Yellow flag, Black flag or other signals from officials
7 – Cutting the track to gain unfair advantage or attempting to gain unfair advantage in any way
8 – Failing to re-enter the track at a point as close as practical to which the rider left the track so as not to gain unfair advantage
9 – Knowingly entering competition with a machine that has been disqualified or ineligible for the class entered.
10 – Pro Am classes and KROC event: Competing on any machine other than the one on which the rider qualified the machine at the starting line for the rider’s first moto is considered the qualified machine for the meet in that class a rider is not allowed to switch machines after the start. This is the only machine the rider may complete that class with there will be no exceptions – penalty is disqualification.  Starting the 2013 season, all other classes will allow riders to switch machines due to mechanical failure – this rule is subject to referee discretion.  If a rider is competing 2nd moto with a different number on their machine, they MUST inform the scoring personal prior to their moto or they will not be scored!!  You will also get last gate pick for your 2nd moto if you switch machines.  Note: machines must be eligible in the class the rider is competing in, or you will be disqualified.
11 – Changing the specifications of a machine that has already been admitted for competition and/or inspected
12 – Wagering the outcome of competition
13 – Abetting or knowingly engaging in a race in which the result is fixed or prearranged
14 – Giving, offering, promising, accepting or offering to accept, directly or indirectly, any bribe in any form from any person in an attempt to circumvent rules or procedures or to otherwise gain an unfair advantage
15 – Refusing to submit a machine or component (including fuel) for inspection, measurement or testing
16 – Refusing to provide a factual statement regarding an item under appeal when requested by the D34SC or a party to the appeal or interfering in any way with the protest and appeal procedures in order to hinder the process or influence the outcome
17 – Conspiring with others to violate any of these rules
18 – Attacking or engaging in a fight with any D34SC members, meet officials, spectators or contestants, this includes any person and any incident anywhere on the premises prior to, during and after a D34SC event, penalty shall be indefinite suspension from event premises and/or all District events pending review by the D34SC.


Section 12: Safety Regulations

No riding in the pit areas.

No riding unauthorized motor vehicles, bicycles, scooters, pit bikes or the like at any D34SC Events.

Pets must be restrained (leashed) so they cannot endanger or harass contestants, spectators, patrons or other pets. Pets must be cleaned up after.

All riders should have a working two-pound minimum BC rated fire extinguisher in their pit area.

Fire extinguisher is mandatory for recreational vehicles.

No open pit fires when parking overnight or during events.

Quiet Time is 10:00pm (or otherwise noted by promoting track) and will be enforced.


Section 13: Sports Committee Members & Tracks

President – Joseph Fritz

Registrar/Points Keeper/Sponsors/Contingency- Stephanie Malone

Secretary/Treasurer – Claire Fritz

Webmaster -Bryan Bitzer

Broome Tioga Sports Center Rep – Tom Hurd

Claverack MX Rep – Leah Brew

Hurricane Hills Rep – Claire Fritz