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2023 Series Points

D34MX 2023 Points Standings
(Updated as of 09/03/2023)



2021 Points standings are sponsored by Motorcycle Mall (Belleville, NJ)

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2021 Points System

All riders get 2 points for signing up, in addition to points below as long as there is a minimum of 3 riders signed up in the class for that day.

1st: 12pts
2nd: 11pts
3rd: 10pts
4th: 9pts
5th: 8pts
6th: 7pts
7th: 6pts
8th: 5pts
9th: 4pts
10th: 3pts

  • DNF’s or DNS’ will result in minimum two points being awarded to the rider, even if this still results in rider getting a top 10 finish.
  • Points will be awarded from date of sign-up for a District 34 Tri-State Trax card.
  • Each class champion will receive a custom championship helmet if you attend at least 14 races in our series (11 for youth quads and 13 for big quads)!!
  • Riders are not eligible to win more than one Championship Helmet; they will receive a trophy for their other class(es).  All other riders must race at least 7 races to be eligible for a year-end trophy and other awards.  These awards will be given out at the year-end banquet.
  • There will also be additional customized awards to the top 3 in each class for 2019.
  • Trophies thru 10th place as always! Reminder, the 7 and 14 race requirements mean that you need to do 7 or 14 races in the same class, not 4 races in one class and 3 races in another class, etc.
  • Ties are broken up by whomever gets the most 1st place finishes, then 2nd, 3rd, and so on.