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Claverack September 10th Event Info and Race Order

Hello to our Motocross Family & Friends,

September 10th coming up……………….Drawing for FREE $1,000 Cash Award Raffle.


 We are a member of the D34 Sports Committee Tri State Trax & the ULTIMATE SERIES.

If you want to receive Championship Race Points, you must be a member.

Sign up for memberships is available on line.  Riders will be emailed a receipt that can be shown at signup. So, please do some paper work before the race, and the sign up lines will be minimum. Thank you! Thank You! 


We will award 1-8 place Trophies and Pee Wee Participant Trophies. There is an outstanding Expert purse of $4,800: 250cc, Opencc, +25, +30, +40, and full payout for +50.  At noon of the September 10th race, we will have the drawing for the FREE $1,000 Cash Award Raffle for riders who have attended all four races. Manufacturer’s Contingencies for September 10th: Honda, Suzuki,  R M GAS BUCKS.

For our Female Riders –

All Female Riders will have their classes paid for by to support Female MX Riders.   (Traci & Ray Micucci) 

We welcome Vendor, Racers Choice, They offer Dunlop tires and install customer supplied tires as well, just about any hard parts most needed….levers, clutches, shifters, fasteners, wheel bearings, etc..  Most popular brands of tear offs, Sunoco Race fuel per 5 gallon can, full suspension services “Rebuild fluid changes”, Racers Choice suspension set up is free to any who need or want help…..And they have a friendly attitude with fair pricing.

Thank you to all our friends & supporters, workers, volunteers who assist us in our track preparation and the race day challenge.

Our 50 plus years plus with our Motocross Family & Friends is a special bond that continues today.

Looking forward to our  race September 10th………….. meeting old friends, and being part of the history of Motocross in the Hudson Valley.  Join us at the “RACK”



The Brew Family


09-10-20223ORDER OF EVENTS