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Click Below for 2020 District 34 Application:

Notes Before Mailing In Your Application: 

  • For riders under the age of 18: applications must be notarized before being mailed in. This must be done on a year-to-year basis. No exceptions!
  • Please check your ranking on AMA’s website before mailing in your application (AMA Race Center). If you want to sign up for a lower skill level than your skill level listed, you will need to appeal to the AMA first before we can give you your District 34 card.  This is in an effort to prevent sandbagging on the local level.  If you race in a lower skill level than the one listed on AMA, you can be disqualified at a local race (this goes for members and non members of our district!).
  • Women Riders: Please also provide a skill level on your application.
  • For 2020 we are offering all members 3 different options for your card (Standard, Presidential Trump “2020” Edition, and Custom). Standard and presidential options are no additional charge however custom cards are an additional $5 and you must submit a picture for your card via email to